Students Writing on Board

What do you value?

We value public education. We hope you're here because you value it too.

Stand up for your values. Join Value Wyoming by completing the sign-up form below, and you will be alerted to unique opportunities to learn about issues facing Wyoming public schools, to advocate for pro-public legislation and political candidates, and to participate in grassroots organizing campaigns that will protect Wyoming public schools and fight for the brightest possible future for Wyoming students. 

We value public education because it is invaluable to Wyoming.

Wyoming's public education system is facing a roughly $300 million funding shortfall.

Having endured more than $100 million in cuts since 2017, the Wyoming education system simply cannot continue to do more with less. A further projected shortfall of more than $300 million over the next biennium guarantees that—without action—the students of 2024 will not be afforded the same educational opportunities as our students today.


Recognizing this, the Wyoming Education Association uses the strong, unified voice of our membership and allies to advocate for minimizing cuts to education and mandating new revenue streams to support our schools.

Wyoming values education. In fact, our students have a constitutional right to a high-quality, equitable education.


We value education because it's the gateway to Wyoming's brightest future.


Education is a value of Wyoming because it creates incalculable value for Wyoming.


Stand up for your values.